Sybil Ehrensberger

Current Projects

OINO (March 2019 - present)

Have you struggled to remember which wines are in your wine cellar? With OINO you can simply keep track all of your wines in multiple locations.

Typescript Angular Ionic Firebase
OINO banner with various screenshots of the OINO web app

ViaMondo (January 2016 - present)

ViaMondo is a travel app that lets you keep track of all of the places you've been and discover new places your friends and family have shared with you.

Node.js Typescript Angular Ionic Capacitor MongoDB
ViaMondo Banner with various screenshots of the ViaMondo Web and Mobile App

pick-a-wish (December 2015 - present)

pick-a-wish lets you create a wish list and share it with selected people. However each gift can only be picked once and the recipient never knows which ones have been picked.

Python Flask PostgreSQL
pick-a-wish banner with various screenshots of the pick-a-wish web app

Past Projects

Travelstack (April 2014 - January 2016)

Since I love traveling, I was looking for a tool to keep track of and visualize all my trips. That is why I decided to develop travelstack. Its primary purpose is to keep track of the users' trips. The idea is that the users will be able to document and share their trips, link their trips with pictures on Flickr and see the stops of their trips displayed on a map. I have discontinued this project in favor of ViaMondo.

Ruby Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL

Figaro Online Booking (October 2014)

Together with two friends I participated in HackZurich 2014, the biggest European hackathon. We built a web application that helps small businesses manage their schedule and their customers' appointments efficiently and easily. It allows the customers to choose their desired time slot directly on the website thus eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls or e-mails to schedule appointments. Our project, Figaro, was selected as one of the top 25 apps out of over 100 submissions.

Ruby Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL

IdeaGarden (February 2014 - June 2014)

For one of my courses at the ETH, the Information Systems Laboratory course, three other students and I worked on the IdeaGarden project. The project's aim was to develop a tool to support the creative process. Our task was to re-implement an existing desktop application using a web-based approach and to extend it to support multi-user, cross-device scenarios.

JavaScript jQuery

TransVis - a translation process visualizer tool (November 2011 - December 2014)

TransVis is a program I developed to analyze transcripts of translation processes for the Capturing Translation Processes project at the Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW). The program takes XML documents and processes all of the so-called "incidents", i.e. pauses, consultations, deletions, insertions, writes, and visualizes them in several graphs so that they can be further analyzed. The program also calculates some descriptive statistics such as number of pauses or number of consultations and presents them in an Excel document.

The source code for TransVis is available on Github:


Formulize (September 2012 - December 2012)

As part of one of my courses at the University of Toronto, CSC494, I contributed to an Open Source project. As part of UCOSP (Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects), I worked on Formulize. According to the Formulize Website: "Formulize is software that lets you quickly create forms and reports in your website. Formulize lets you tailor how the forms behave and how they're related, to fit your own users and situations. It's a powerful 'ad hoc' form creation tool — create what you want, when you want, in the way you want."

The source code for the project is on GitHub:



Cabina da cudeschs

Public website for the cabina da cudeschs, a public, multilingual micro-library in an old telephone booth in Guarda, Engadin (Switzerland).

Screenshot of the 'Cabina da cudeschs' website


Website for the creacumün association which promotes and provides education about the importance of public space in Engadin (Switzerland).

Screenshot of the 'Creacumün' website